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Another satisfied customer. I can't tell you how nice it is to come home to a clean house. Carol - Washougal, WA
I have always cleaned my house, but with two little kids I simply don't have the time or the energy. I am very satisfied with the work and would recommend to anyone. Lisa - Vancouver, WA
Very professional, good first first cleaning. Scheduled them on a bi-weekly basis. John - Washougal, WA
Have been using European House Cleaning to clean my 87 year old mothers home. She has nothing but praises to say about them. Anne - Washougal, WA
Nobody clean better than European House Cleaning. They have been cleaning my home for over 3 years and hopefully many more. Joan - Camas, WA
My wife and I both work and also have 2 boys. With all of their school and after school activities we don't have any time. European House Cleaning takes the stress of cleaning our home away. We tried one of the national chain companies and we were not satisfied with either the cost or the service. We are very happy that we were recommended European House Cleaning by our neigboor. Gary and Joan - Washougal, WA
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